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Since its founding, G.D. Plast has strived for Product Quality in the manufacturing of both technical and aesthetically appealing products.
While keeping up with the continuous evolution of plastic materials, the company has developed its expertise in the processing of materials that range from the widely used PP or ABS to modern engineering plastics such as PPS or PEEK.
The introduction of multi-material and/or two-/three-colour moulding of a single item represented a further advancement.

Today, G.D. Plast boasts a fleet of major-brand machines ranging from 50 to 500 tonnes of clamp force, all of which are equipped with three-axis electric robots.
Working in synergy with its parent company, G.D. srl can perform any type of wiring and/or assembly operation for its customers.
We pride ourselves on managing to translate a customer's idea into the design of an article, the building of a mould and the manufacturing of a finished product



G.D. Plast srl's plants and facilities cover an area of 8,000 m2 and are divided into different departments and units organized according to their function.

In particular, the key departments are the following:

  • Design and Technical Department;

  • Quality Control Laboratory;

  • Raw Materials Warehouse;

  • Injection Moulding Machines Department;

  • Assembly Department;

  • Shipping Warehouse.

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The rapid development of production technologies requires a continuous dedication to the designing and upgrading of both new and existing products.
The ongoing dialogue with our customers as well as the cooperation with some of the leading mould manufacturers enabled our Technical Department, which is equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology, to develop innovative products that always meet the most diverse demands.




A scrupulous inspection of incoming materials and a careful selection of suppliers enable us to minimise production downtime and problems in product assembly operations. Consequently, we are always able to deliver orders in the shortest time possible and to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.



The raw materials warehouse staff are responsible not only for the purchase of supplies, but also for the management of the components manufactured on the premises. Moreover, they prepare and divide orders into production batches according to the customers’ requirements, so as to ensure the identification of the articles that may need to be customized.



The wide range of injection moulding machines enables us to easily adapt every mould to the most suitable machine.
Our experienced technicians follow every step of the production process and ensure consistent quality of the moulded products.



The shipping warehouse refers directly to the Administration Department; its staff are in charge of maintaining relations with carriers and preparing the packaging materials. These include boxes and wooden pallets, which enable an easy loading and unloading of goods at the delivery location.

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