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GD Srl manufactures electrical wire harnesses for various industry sectors, in particular for the automation, automotive, automotive gas, boiler, domestic appliance, forklift, telehandler and vending machine industries.

Our company offers the best products on the market and always tries to satisfy the customers’ needs.
The Cable Assembly and Harnessing Department consists of a team of experienced professionals who manufacture wire harnesses for both prototypes and serial production


Wire harnesses


Battery cables 

GD Srl manufactures battery cables by means of stripping/crimping machines that cut cables with a maximum cross-section of 95 mm and crimp them with special presses. The latter are equipped with a pull tester and a dedicated dynamometer that test and, thus, ensure the strength of the cable terminals.

GD Srl prides itself on being able to design and manufacture battery cables according to the customers’ requirements.


Electrical Control Panels

GD Srl produces electrical control panels for various industry sectors and according to the customers' specifications. Panels are equipped with complete wiring systems and customized electronic boards.



There are different types of connectors that can be used in the manufacturing of wire harnesses, and GD Srl is capable of meeting each of our customers' demands due to its strong relations with leading connector manufacturers and with the various distributors available on the market.

We can check in real time stock availability and quantity of the connectors required by a customer.

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